Chris’ Introduction.

Hello and welcome! Thank you for turning up at our digital doorstep, feel free to kick your shoes off and make yourself at home!

Since you’re here, you’re probably going to fall into 2 categories:

A – You already know what ‘Runderpants’ is. If you’re in this group then you’re doing life correctly, my friend.


B – You’re new to us. Maybe you were tagged on Facebook and thought the name sounded intriguing; maybe your mate’s are involved and they coerced you into coming here. Whatever the reason, we are glad to have you!


Bonus category – You’re a Russian bot, sooo… ∏ривéт!




No matter which group you belong to, you best buckle up because we’re gonna fly through a quick summary of the Runderpants experience! (And yes, underpants are involved.)

Basically, Runderpants is a campaign which aims to raise money for ‘The Neuro Foundation’, a UK charity working to help those affected by Neurofibromatosis. For more information on this particular condition and why your support is so dearly needed, you can check out – The Neuro Foundation.

So we’ve established that it’s all for a good cause, but that still isn’t explaining much, right?

In practice, Runderpants will involve running a mile in your underwear and hopefully raising a few quid while you’re at it. It’s as simple as that and we like to think that it’s a great way to support a meaningful charity, get some exercise and have a ruddy great time while you’re at it! AND we’ve heard there’s going to be some pretty awesome after-parties… Just sayin’ 


giphy-downsized (1)


But that’s Runderpants ‘on paper’, words on a screen: the real heart of this thing is going to come from you guys – the bare-legged heroes who plan on braving the panted-mile. We’ve set up this blog as a way of connecting with you, telling your stories and hopefully giving you a laugh or two along the way.




My name’s Chris and I, along with all of our team, want to write what interests you! On this blog, we’ll be trying our best to cover topics that we think you’ll love, but we can never have too much feedback – so be generous in those comment boxes, people! Let us know what matters in your life and how you’re doing in this crazy world. Opinions are what makes us interesting as individuals and we want to hear yours!

But for now, have a good day and stay wild, until next time!

Post by Chris Qualey

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