Chris’ Introduction.

Hello and welcome! Thank you for turning up at our digital doorstep, feel free to kick your shoes off and make yourself at home! Since you’re here, you’re probably going to fall into 2 categories: A – You already know what ‘Runderpants’ is. If you’re in this group then you’re doing life correctly, my friend.... Continue Reading →

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If you've clicked through to read this post that means you are an OG Runderpants supporter. So thank you, we are eternally grateful. If you, however, found this page by accident on a hunt for a brand of Jogging Underwear created purely for the enjoyment of a good pun... stick around. You might see something... Continue Reading →

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Running Saved my Life

I’ve always had a passion for running, competing in school competitions and events from a young age. Running was something that I was good at, you know, like really good at, and it worked wonders for my confidence.  When I started secondary school, I was quick to get heavily involved in athletics and cross-country events.... Continue Reading →


‘Don’t forget the progress you’ve made’ - Being body positive is hard at the best of times. There are constant pressures in our lives and at every turn, we are being shown that we are not good enough. The moment we wake up we turn to our screens. A phone, laptop, tablet, whatever. We turn... Continue Reading →

Fitting In

The concept of ‘fitting in’ has never been something that I’ve particularly excelled at. Throughout high school it felt like ‘fitting in’ was the single most important achievement you could reach. Fuck your exam results - if you could successfully make it through a week where no one had noticed your unadulterated excitement over the... Continue Reading →

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